I love designing tablescapes. I started back in September 2010 and I now design tablescapes to share on my blog as well as on "Between Naps on the Porch" for Tablescape Thursdays.

My passion for designing tablescapes has sent me out on a search to buy more dishes that I can share every week.

I also enjoy making my own napkins to go with my different dishes and I love to mix and match some of my beautiful dishes.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Re/Post My Italian Dinner.

My Inspiration for this Tablescape was having my friends over for
a dinner party.~~
My dinner tonight is Lasagna !! I hope you like it ~~
You know!! I always mix my plates with other dishes ~~
I purchased my new set of four red poppy salad dishes and soup bowls from
Ross two weeks ago for $12.00 for both. I did add my yellow Lotus  from Ebay dinner plates to this Tablescape.
This is the Soup Bowl ~~love the red poppys on the white.
This is the lovely Salad dishes ~~
Let's light the candles and have a glass of Chianti red wine !!!
My centerpiece ~~I put together two years ago
with silk flowers.!!
I put a red tablecloth under the Vintage embroidered table topper with the
red poppy flowers~~So you can see how lovly it shows up !!
I hope you all enjoy the dinner!! I also hope you all come Back!!
Please take a moment to comment. Thank you so much !!
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Friday, April 13, 2012

French Dinning !

My Inspiration for this #85 Tablescape was using my Le Chefs
plates one more time~ I just love using them !! 
I purchased them from the
Kroger food store, some time ago..

I picked up four salad plates and four dinner plates for
$16.00 with a discount of 30% more off.

The pattern is called Portrays Chefs ! I love the big white Chef Hats.

This is the salad plate! 
This will hold a Spring mix salad tonight..

My dinner plate is so sweet..
We are having Chicken Condblue, then dizzled with
an unctuous buttery sherry Au Jus Sauce. This recipe for the Sauce is
from The Kitchen Witch so Yummy.!!!

This Vintage crystal wine decanter was 
a wedding gift from my Mother.

My Tablecloth is black with a vintage style
Embroldered table topper from Ebay!!

I hope you are having fun at my dinner party. Each place has it own little
tea light candle.. 

Time to have a glass of Wine with me..

My Centerpiece is a mix of 
pink mini Carnations and white Baby breath.

I hope you all come Back!!!
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Busted Pipe in wall...

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments about my
Busted pipe.!!!
We are all Ok now and my laptop is up and Running now !
Back to my Tablescapes and all my friends on Blogger.

Diane called me and asked me to let everyone know she has a  busted pipe that flooded her house.  The  carpet is ruined, the hard-drive and router were floating in water, also some antique furniture.
She is quite frustrated at this point and asked me to do a post, explaining what is going on.
She feels like the ocean came in.  The house is full of over-sized fans.
Bear with her on this.
Let's all hope that some of her  precious possessions can be saved.
Many thanks,
Linda    www.lifeandlinda.blogspot.com